September 2016 Meeting

The September meeting will be held on Monday 9/19 at 3:15 PM at Robin Hood School.  This will be a BRIEF meeting!  Please make every effort to attend and meet our new MTA Field Rep, Megan Werner.

As a reminder, Executive Board members and Building Reps are required to attend all STA monthly meetings.  Failure to do so may result in the loss of your stipend.

Stoneham Town Day 2016

The STA participated in town day on September 17th.  It was a beautiful day and we were greeted warmly by students and their families.  We enjoyed reaching out to the community and spreading the important message of voting NO on Question 2! 

Jean Gallagher, Colonial Park Building Rep; Heather Surabian; Rosa Flynn, Vice President; Donna Lazar, President; and Jon Havican.
Jon Pohorilak, Exec Board; Jason Eppskrier, High School Building Rep; Rosa Flynn, Vice President; and Lena Caravaggio, Secretary.
Laura Thomas, Political Action Liaison.

Welcome Back – A Letter from the President

I hope you have had a relaxing summer and are ready to start the new school year! This summer has been a quiet summer for the STA, however we continue to support the larger issues that affect all of our colleagues as highlighted by the MTA.  I will be keeping you abreast of these issues through our monthly meetings, email communication, the STA website and 10-minute building meetings.

You can find the list of our STA Leadership by clicking “STA Leadership” at the top of this page. Please do not hesitate to bring any issues or concerns to your building reps. I also encourage you to attend our STA meetings. They are held monthly and the location rotates to all of our buildings. You can find a listing of this year’s meetings by clicking “Meetings” at the top of this page.

We will have our first meeting on Monday August 29, at 7:30am in the Central Middle School Cafeteria. This will be followed by a welcome back breakfast and the opening day meeting with the superintendent.

I hope to see you all at the meeting! Enjoy your remaining vacation!


Donna M. Lazar

Annual Meeting

The Annual meeting will be held at the High School on Monday 5/16 at 3:15 PM.  President Donna Lazar will highlight what the STA has accomplished this past year and we will also be electing a new leadership slate for 2016-2017. All e-board members and building reps must attend!  ALL STA members are welcome!  CLICK HERE to view the meeting agenda and the proposed slate.