STA Job Descriptions and Stipends

Public face of the STA, presides over meetings, appoints members to non-elected committees, participates in “fireside chats” with Supt., oversees elections, attends School Committee meetings, helps negotiate teachers’ contract, helps negotiate ESP contracts in collaboration with MTA ESP representative, and other duties as needed. Stipend: $5,000 plus $1,000 in a negotiation year

Grievance Chair, heads the PR&R Committee (the negotiating team), participates in “fireside chats” with the Supt., attends School Committee meetings, stands in for the President if necessary, and other duties as needed. Stipend: $2,500 plus $1,000 in a negotiation year

Collects and disseminates all STA monies: dues, agency fees, stipends, bills. Arranges regular MTA audits, prepares 1099 forms and all other paperwork. Contacts Stoneham payroll clerk regarding payrolls deductions. $2,500

Takes minutes at all STA meetings, handles correspondence, manages STA website. Stipend: $500

Membership Chair:
Contacts all new members regarding MTA membership, maintains records, corresponds with MTA. Stipend: $500

Executive Board:
The “think tank.” Attends STA meetings, votes on issues and authorizes financial expenditures. Stipend: $200

Building Representatives:
The face of the STA in each building. First level of contact for any member’s issue. Solves issues at the building-level, contacts appropriate STA leader for assistance if needed, brings forward any school concerns at STA meetings. Available to attend disciplinary meetings on the request of the member. Stipend: $200

Professional Development Committee:
Appointed by the president, attends PD meetings, communicates with their school any and all PD information, brings forward any building PD concerns to the PD Committee. Stipend:$200

Sick Leave Bank Committee:
Handles all sick leave bank requests in a timely manner, communicates with the president regarding such, contacts payroll clerk and Superintendent when necessary. Stipend: $200

Political Liaison:
Appointed by the president. STA representative to all MTA political action meetings/campaigns, communicates with the president regarding such and the E-Board when necessary. Stipended through the MTA

Maintains STA website and helps coordinate electronic communications with members. Stipend: $200

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